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I originally built this information site for myself to make it easier for me to keep up with the many independent news sources I follow on YouTube and other media sources. Eventually, the decision was made to make it available to everyone who is looking for real news. This site is intended to be a hub comprised of independent news sources and alternative information sources.

This site is for you and other people that have woke up and have realized the main stream media has been trying to manipulate you and everyone else through blatant lying in their reporting or by not disclosing the real relevant news because it does not fit their agenda.

Each source is updated in real time with their latest opinions and intel. Discernment must always be taken with any news source you engage in. As you view the sources on this site, always try to verify what they are saying with as many sources as you can.

As apparently factual and sincere as most of the sources appear to be on this site, errors and mistakes can happen in their reporting. This site is for entertainment purposes only and we take no responsible for any of the content offered on this site.

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Independent News Sources And Info Web Sites

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